How do I use the VRC?

How Do I Use It?

Basically you can just extract the files to your HDD, then when using VoiceAttack tell the program to play a sound, and point it at the sound you want played.

One of our helpful users Inaeem has posted the following info:

The definitive VoiceAttack threads and setup introduction below may prove useful. Commander Flaks Voice Controlling Elite: Dangerous – A Guide is truly extraordinary. I’d recommend downloading and utilising a predefined profile kindly made available by fellow Commanders which you can further customise to suit you specifically. You’ll need to extract the zipped file; I use 7-zip file manager.

Once you’ve acquired a profile you can import through the dropdown options under profile (top left hand side of the main VoiceAttack menu). If you want to apply a new sound, edit a command (first icon top left-centre of main window) double-click on command (edit profile window) and select other on the left hand side of the edit command window, next you’ll need to scroll down (other stuff window dropdown) to select play a sound and select browse for application icon to locate a new sound clip. Please do persevere it’ll be second nature in no time, VoiceAttack is beyond revolutionary. Take care and Elite!

Also, if the phrase you want isn’t there, you may be able to construct it from parts, another user gave us this tip:

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I had to make up a couple using two comments ie “Navigation” and “Off” but found you need to add a 1 second pause between or you just get “off”.

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