VRC Update version 2.3 available

Hello VRC users new and old!

VRC Update Available! All exisiting users should have recieved an email with the update link, and if you haven’t bought the Vocal Response Compilation yet what ar you waiting for? – https://sellfy.com/p/NaGf/

This latest update to the Vocal Resonse Compilation is a major one. We’ve fixed over 80 samples that users reported audio issues with. Mostly these had very short ‘tails’ so some media playback software was truncating the audio.

In addition we have added about 80 NEW samples. But the real big change is the naming schema.


We have renamed EVERY file. I know that’s a pain in the royal behind but with 700 plus samples and more being added finding the sample you want is important. Our original naming scheme was poorly planned so we’ve had to bite the bullet and make this wholesale change.

Extracting the update over your old directory will NOT overwrite any of your current samples, so no need to change your VoiceAttack profile immediately, but the fixed audio responses are obviously there with a new name.

We hope you continue to enjoy our work and remember that we’re the only pack with such a huge array of responses recorded by a professional voice actress, not read out by a computer.

Here’s that download link again: https://sellfy.com/p/NaGf/

5 thoughts on “VRC Update version 2.3 available”

  1. Hi,

    I have purchased the female voice pack and find it very good.8-))

    Just one comment that I would like to make, that is some of the verbalisation would be better with more emotion, such “Damn pirates” require more emotion.

    Anything that is said should have emotional overtones when the situation calls for it.

    Just my opinion,



    1. Any feedback is appreciated. We thought hard about this when we recorded it, and decided to go with the flat emotionless tone, for the dry computer feel. In hindsight, being a human voice, perhaps we should have put a bit more emotion in, and not tried so hard to be a computer! I suspect I have a ‘Damn Pirates’ with a bit more colour from one of the takes. I’ll see if it’s worthy of being added in to the next pack update.

    1. Hi Filip,

      We would like to offer some more responses but don’t have the resources currently to do a major update. We’ll let all users know as soon as we have some news!

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