Voice Response Questions? The FAQ

What is a sound pack?

This package of audio samples is a collection of custom responses that can be used with VoiceAttack as a sound pack. It contains over 650 voice samples recorded by a professional voice artist.

What is a Voice Response?

A phrase or comment that has been pre-recorded as a response to your commands. Tell your computer to activate your shields and get a nice ‘Shields Online” response from your computer.

What’s to come?

This pack is in English, and has a female computer voice. I’ll be releasing English Male, and Polish Female packs as well, but its a time consuming process! So please be patient

A lot of extra samples have now been recorded by our voice over artist and these are being released in updates over the next few weeks.

Do I have to pay for updates?

No! Anyone who buys this pack (and I’m charging VERY little for it) will get updates for free as long as I’m adding stuff.

It IS a work in progress, I’m releasing it early to get a feel for how it’s received. You WILL get a LOT more audio files as I release updates.

How am I notified of updates?

We send an email out through Sellfy with update news and a download link. We also post here, the Frontier (Elite) forums and Star Citizen forums.

I need help with VoiceAttack?

You’ll need to go to the VoiceAttack support page and ask there, we simply provide a pack of voice reponse sound files that you can use with VoiceAttack.

But I want help to add your sounds!

Ok, some instructions are on our to do list.  If you drop us an email we’ll help you out or direct you to some excellent resources other have created.

Where do I find a VoiceAttack profile that uses your sounds?

We have a basic sample VA profile (.vap) here for you to check out. It’s actually one we use, so has some custom key bindings for Elite. It requires the latest VA beta

Sample VoiceAttack profile

How do I use the new VoiceAttack sound token feature?

Again, please get help from VoiceAttack. However.. if you are converting a current profile it’s pretty easy.  Setup a default sound directory in VoiceAttack, then Export the profile that has all your old commands. Open it in Notepad++  and do a replace all on your sound path. So if you had entries like  C:\EN-female\sound.wav you would replace C:\EN-Female in the whole document with {VA_SOUNDS} and save it, then import that as a new profile. You can then put your sounds anywhere and point the VoiceAttack options to that directory and your profile will work.

Can I use the pack in my video/stream?

We’re more than happy to see the pack used in videos and streams. Credit would be lovely, and if possible a link back to the Sellfy product page or our Facebook page. Also, let us know where it’s being used and we’ll do some posts on our Facebook page.

I’ve changed my email address, how will I get updates?

Let us know immediately through our support email address. Currently Sellfy has no mechanism for us to change your email address. Until they do we will send you updates through another means. OR you can spend $3 and buy it at your new email address.

We know that’s not good enough, and we’re trying to get a feature request implemented with Sellfy.

Where Can I Find You?

You have found the official website for the Vocal Response Compilation, however we would love to have you visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VRComps and ‘Like Us’

How do I make suggestions or get support?

I have setup a support email address for bugs/questions: support at tglmultimedia.com