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VRC Update version 2.3 available

Hello VRC users new and old!

VRC Update Available! All exisiting users should have recieved an email with the update link, and if you haven’t bought the Vocal Response Compilation yet what ar you waiting for? – https://sellfy.com/p/NaGf/

This latest update to the Vocal Resonse Compilation is a major one. We’ve fixed over 80 samples that users reported audio issues with. Mostly these had very short ‘tails’ so some media playback software was truncating the audio.

In addition we have added about 80 NEW samples. But the real big change is the naming schema.


We have renamed EVERY file. I know that’s a pain in the royal behind but with 700 plus samples and more being added finding the sample you want is important. Our original naming scheme was poorly planned so we’ve had to bite the bullet and make this wholesale change.

Extracting the update over your old directory will NOT overwrite any of your current samples, so no need to change your VoiceAttack profile immediately, but the fixed audio responses are obviously there with a new name.

We hope you continue to enjoy our work and remember that we’re the only pack with such a huge array of responses recorded by a professional voice actress, not read out by a computer.

Here’s that download link again: https://sellfy.com/p/NaGf/

NEWS – VoiceAttack beta

We love VoiceAttack. It’s the reason this pack exists and it’s changing the way we play computer games. So we’re extra excited that our pack has helped influence the upcoming version of VA.

In the latest beta of VoiceAttack support has been added for randomising your actions and also for setting a default sounds directory. This will make sharing profiles a LOT easier.

So we encourage you to give the VoiceAttack beta a try. Our next update will include a demo profile that is designed to work with the beta and take advantage of the new features.

Update status report

Over the weekend we went back for a second recording session with our lovely and talented voice artist, Emma. She put in a huge effort Saturday to get through 15 pages of scripted responses for the voice pack. This wasn’t her only voice job for the week so it was extra tough on her but I really think she nailed it.

We are now in the process of tidying up the audio and chopping it up into a whole new batch of voice samples for you to use. We’ve got your Engines covered, we’ve added Radar and HUD responses and of course a stack of classic lines.

Keep an eye on your emails because we intend to have the first update with new content on it’s way to you this week.

If you haven’t bought the voice compilation yet now is a perfect time, you get free updates as long as we keep adding to it and there’s already over 400 voice samples professionally recorded just to give your computer a voice.

Grab it here: https://sellfy.com/p/NaGf/

Please note, clicking the link above will take you to the Sellfy store to purchase and download.

Past News Updates

RELEASED 28/6/2014

Our first VRC (Vocal Response Compilation) has been compiled!

UPDATE 29/6/2014

Now there are over 230 audio files in the pack and I’ve got a LOT more coming!

UPDATE 01/7/2014

We’re up over 300 voice samples now, and in response to a couple of request some more ‘generic’ ones are included! Thankyou to everyone who has spread word of the voice pack.

UPDATE 07/7/2014

Wow, to make up for the quiet weekend I got stuck into adding samples tonight. I’m uploading the latest file as i type and it’s now reached about 70Mb zipped. That’s almost 400 samples to use! A few sci-fi quotes and tributes including Marvin, Holly (Red Dwarf and even Chris Roberts (This is Bull****!). I re-edited a couple more that I noticed may have been getting cut short and tweaked the volume on some of the earlier ones. I realised after uplaoding had started that I may have left a couple of duplicates in, so I’ll tidy those up in a mini update later.

I’ve also updated the support email address, it’s in the included readme if you need to get in touch.

UPDATE 20/7/2014

Wow.. almost two weeks since our last update. Things have been busy here, and we didnt have much left to add from the original recording session so just a small update today, we’ve added in numbers and a couple more ‘movie’ quotes. This is the last of the recordings from our original session.

Big news is that we have locked in another recording session with our voice artist. This means that a few of the original phrases will get re-recorded (seriously, we need your feedback on these) and a whole stack of new words and phrases will be added to the compilation. Recording takes place in the first week of August. More updates will follow after that.

thanks for supporting us!